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This article is about the fursuiter. There is also an artist named FennecFur.

Ixxy, also known as RainbowWolfiex and Fenfenn, previously Kiira (real name Lauren Atkins), is a female furry artist and fursuiter from Alsip, Illinois, USA.[1] who attends Moraine Valley Community College.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Lauren participates in the fandom under the name Ixchel (or "Ixxy" for short). She makes fursuits and creates art for her previously defunct Fur Affinity page.[clarify]


Her fursona is a Fennec/Arctic wolf; she built a fursuit based on it.

Her previous fursona, "Kiira", gathered much attention after her appearance on My Strange Addiction in early 2011. The suit received mixed positive and negative reviews, and it ultimately lead to the discontinued use of the fennec Kiira.

Fursuit building[edit]

Ixchel has built fursuits for herself and her boyfriend, as well as built suits commissioned from customers on Fur Affinity. Below is a list of suits she has built:

  • Kiira - Fennec fox (partial)
  • Kaskae - Husky (partial)

TLC's My Strange Addiction appearance[edit]

Kiira peers from behind a tree in suit on My Strange Addiction.

Ixxy appeared in her Kiira fennec fursona fursuit with her boyfriend on My Strange Addiction on 19 January 2011.[2] She received criticism for claiming to have drawn a picture featured on the show which she was accused of have traced from artwork done by Kalida.[citation needed]

She then quit the furry fandom,[when?][clarify] but eventually returned.[3]


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