Kigurou Sonkei

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Kigurou Sonkei. Art by Possum.

Kigurou Sonkei, also known as Conner Fleming, formerly as RogueVulpine (born 1992), is a furry artist who lives in Scotland.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kigurou Sonkei is a member of the forums (known as "RogueVulpine" until September 2007).


Kigurou Sonkei's fursona is a red fox with three white stripes on the back of his head, and some other markings. Some other defining features are his red eyes, a goatee, and his earless glasses. The name Kigurou Sonkei was taken from the Japanese language, and is made up of the word "Kigurou", meaning "care", and "Sonkei", meaning "honor".

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