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Kiffy's original fursona picture.
Kiffy's ref sheet drawn by himself

Kiffy Lee (in full Kiffert Lee, often shortened to just Kiffy) is a furry artist and fursuiter. His fursona is the hybrid of a wolf and a cat. Kiffy was originally known as Lee Wolf.

Born in 1987 in the United Kingdom, Kiffy moved to Bielefeld, Germany, and lived there for the majority of his childhood before moving back to the UK in 2004. As of May, 2008, he resides in Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, where he helps out with the Manchester Meets as well as a few other things :3

Kiffy has become an active member of the furry community around Preston and Manchester and has traveled around the UK going to a few of the various meets. Kiffy has a full fursuit which has been made by Loui of The Fur Factory

He attended ConFuzzled 2008, ConFuzzled 2010, ConFuzzled 2011, Eurofurence 14, Eurofurence 15, RBW 2008 and the furball rally 2009.

Current he helps run the Manchester Main Meet in the UK (which occurs in May and November respectively). He is also working towards setting up a Furry Rock Club sort of con ala Frantic Eufuria called "Club Nyah!" which plans are currently underway for. This event will be happening in Manchester, UK.

Along with his main Kiffy he has a number of other characters that he uses from time to time such as Fif'te the Unibun (unicorn bunny hybrid) and Seiko (the Startail girl) as well as a yet nameless femboi deer character.

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