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Oren "Hart"(born January 12th, 1990), also known as KidCrash is a furry who lives in Talladega, Alabama, originally from Florida. He is common on Furaffinity & mostly on deviantArt.

Oren is a human even inside the fandom. His primary character, or alter ego is a perverted and wiley Barbary Lion known as Kidalgo Crash. In his art, Oren is a digital painter. He focuses mainly on painting the characters of others, or those from movies and games. He currently works in the field of new Construction Plumbing with an Apprentice Alabama Plumbers & Gas Fitters license, working under a Master licensed worker. Oren has been in the furry fandom since 2008 and still paints on several line-arts.

His greatest hobby is attending the Talladega Superspeedway frequently every year, twice a year. First race in Spring and second in the Fall. His favorite driver in NASCAR is Ryan Newman.

He has yet to attend a convention, but would love to do so one day.

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