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Kiba Snowpaw's fursona, made by Danji Isthmus and paid by Azeliah as a gift to Kiba Snowpaw

Kiba Snowpaw (born December 17,[1] 1986), real name Ronnie A Borgquist, is a furry whose fursona is an ice wolf. Raised in Copenhagen in Denmark, he later moved from city to city.

Kiba is known for his anime website and freelance photography.

Real life backstory[edit]

Kiba was born December 17, 1986 on a stormy night in Copenhagen Rigshospitalet. He was born as a weak puppy, he was in and out of the hospital, he also had a talking problem as a puppy because his tongue and palate did not cooperate at the age of seven he was sent to a Cub home because no school would take him because they were afraid he would get bullied too much because of his lack of speaking skills. The Cub home he was sent to was called Orøstrand and was on a small island in Denmark called Orø he was about 8 years old, he even got some friends it was a great place with a lot of other cubs that had problems too and cub home had its own little zoo as the Cub's could go in and help with feeding the animals before school and took on trips 3 times a year everything from canoeing and army trips to skiing he even had a speech therapist the 8 years he was there, and he only got to see his familis in weekende and his father moved closer so he could be around by moving to an trailer park where Kiba visit him every second weekend and his mother in Copenhagen every other weekend it was a 8 years long and Non-Forgettable memories not all bad most good, and when he was about 15 years old and it was time to leave that place to learn how to live alone orøsteand had a system where you will be living with 3 other boys sharing a house and get a payout each month, just as if you had a job not a lot of money just so you can buy food and things you need, so you know how it is to live alone, while keeping up with school Kiba never really like school, but he knows that he had to so he could get a job he did a lot of different courses over the years to see what he wants to spent his life with and at age 20 he was a train security guard and assistant zookeeper, but there were no jobs to be found for the whole 6 years he was in the system looking for a job while living at his father at the age of 26 he got a job as a security guard and worked as today still living with his dad.


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