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This article is not regarding the Khaz listed on VCL. That account was registered by a furry artist who later became known as Milligram Smile, or Tre the Siberian Husky.
Khaz by keihound

Khaz is a furry from Ontario, Canada. He is a graduate from the University of Waterloo.

Khaz's chosen fursona is a cross between a Timber Wolf and an Ethiopian Wolf, for the most part with the physical build of the former, and the coloring of the latter. In anthropomorphic character, Khaz still maintains a digitigrade stance, and most characteristics of a feral wolf. The one distinct marking that Khaz has defined is a black right paw, extending up the wrist with a sharp, flame-pattern-like transition to his regular fur colour. Casual attire usually consists of only a red collar.

In recent times, Khaz has been known to frequent major conventions such as Anthrocon, Midwest Furfest and Camp Feral.

[edit] Khaz as an Artist

Khaz's first artistic pursuit was to learn to play the piano, which he was inspired to do in the year 2000, and has continued since. Since becoming a furry, he has diversified his attempts at art, taking up writing poetry and lyrics in 2005, then moving to writing stories in early 2006. His first serious attempts drawing started in early 2007, but were short-lived.

Most of his original work can be found on his Fur Affinity account. There are some exceptions: Two stories titled "Learning To Live" and "True Color", published in Heat #6 and #9 respectively. There exist a small number of copies of the magazines signed by Khaz at Sofawolf Press's table at Anthrocon. Another story not found online is titled "Al Coda", and can be found in Roar #3.

[edit] Khaz Online

Khaz can be found most reliably through his Fur Affinity page. He also has an account on SoFurry (as Khaz), though this is rarely used.

Khaz's first presence in the furry community was on Furry2Furry, the forum that introduced him to the fandom. He later moderated it for several months, but resigned in April 2007. Around this time Khaz created another furry forum of his own called The Den, which remained active until its closing in February 2010.

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