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Ketrino, also known as Pestilence (born 1989), is a furry writer and fursuiter who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Pestilence enjoys writing horror and fan fiction, mermaiding, anything and everything Marvel, veganism, and animal rights. She holds a degree in anthropology.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Pestilence has been active in the furry fandom since 2008. She became introduced to the fandom in 2006, by a then-friend and fellow furry, Desvoider. Previously, she has been a female Arctic wolf until she realized she is actually a Rottweiler.


Ketrino's fursona is a male demonic Rottweiler, whose real name is Pestilence. 'Ketrino' is not a furry fandom or fursona name, but a psuedonym s/he has been using across the net since 2002.


Pestilence has had three fursuits since 2009, including a husky and a blue fox. She currently owns a white wolf fursuit. A Pestilence fursuit is being made as of 2015.

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