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The Kennel Club is a limited edition (of 500) collectible deck of playing cards, first available Anthrocon 2006 but also sold online. It was conceived by BlackTeagan and is managed by both BlackTeagan and Gatcat, who was one of the organizers of The Bestiary cards project.

The deck is a collection of nude male anthro dogs of 54 different breeds. As of January 2008, all decks have been sold.

[edit] Artists

The artists whose work appeared in the deck are:[1]

  • Balaa: Q♣ (Golden Retriever; collaboration with BlackTeagan), 10♣ (Brittany), A♣ (Pointer), 9♠ (Mastiff), 4 (Briard)
  • BlackTeagan: Q♣ (Golden Retriever; collaboration with Balaa), 2♣ (German Wirehaired Pointer), 7♣ (Spinone Italiano), 3 (Rhodesian Ridgeback), A (Black and Tan Coonhound), 7♠ (Staffordshire Bull Terrier), J (Border Collie)
  • Cara Mitten: 5♣ (Duck Tolling Retriever), 9 (Beauceron)
  • Dark Natasha: 5♠ (Doberman Pinscher), 3 (Collie)
  • Eric Coyote Elliott: 8♣ (Weimeraner), A (Canaan Dog)
  • Goldenwolf: 4♠ (Malamute)
  • Heather Bruton: 4 (Beagle), 6 (Borzoi), 10 (Saluki), Q♠ (Siberian Husky), K (German Shepherd)
  • HellCorpCEO: 9♣ (Field Spaniel), K♠ (Bernese Mountain Dog), 5 (Shiba Inu)
  • Kelly Bedson: Q (Greyhound), 8 (Basenji)
  • Kenket: J♣ (Jack Russell), 3♣ (English Setter), 6♣ (Vizsla), J (Dalmatian), Q (Standard Poodle)
  • Kyoht: 5 (Bloodhound), K♠ (Great Dane), J♠ (Rottweiler), 8 (Old English Sheepdog)
  • Sandra SanTara: K (Wolfhound), 2♠ (Akita)
  • Sara Palmer: K♣ (Labrador), 7 (Elkhound), 9 (Otterhound), 10 (Bull Terrier)
  • Sidian: 2 (Cattledog), 6 (Corgi)
  • Synnabar: 2 (Foxhound), 3♠ (Anatolian Shepherd), 6♠ (Boxer), A♠ (Samoyed), 7 (Groenendael Belgian Shepherd)
  • Vantid: 4♣ (Irish Setter), 8♠ (St. Bernard)

[edit] References

  1. Kennel Club gallery on the Kennel Club website - archive of June 21, 2011, on Retrieved July 6, 2013.

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