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Art by AnimeCat

Kendricks Redtail, also known as Chakat Redtail, Kaen Raelin, and Redtail the Oddfellow, is a furry from Chicago, Illinois and a veteran of the U.S. Navy, having served 5 years with two tours in the Gulf. Ken currently works as a corporate loss prevention manager for Allied-Barton Security, currently contracted with Invensys Control Systems in Carol Stream. Ken has been involved with furry since around 1999 and is an active member of Lake Area Furry Friends.

Ken's character is an American Red Fox modeled after his behavior and personality, incorporating elements from his real life appearance. Ken's normally ordinary fox coloration also features blue eyes, a blond hairfluff and glasses in most of his forms. He can often be seen in chat rooms as a quadruped, a 60' tall macro fox or even in the form of a fox-colored dragon. His dragon form is prevalent on Second Life, where he is a Guardian on the High Council of Wyrms, ruling body of Second Life's number one dragon community, the Isle of Wyrms.

Both of Ken's parents, Karee Bunda and Arigon the Golfing Dragon, are furries.

Origins and development

Ken has had many various furry incarnations in the past, including a tomcat, a goose, a tiger, and a chakat. It was as Chakat Redtail that the name Redtail first appeared; about that time, Ken derived a new fantasy character named Kendrix Redtail, based off a fox, an animal he loved and always admired for its beauty. Kendrix was intended to be a barbarian of some sorts, but in time he adopted it as his own persona and eventually lost the fantasy themes, as well as altering the name to Kendricks. Ken navigated the labyrinth of LiveJournal, IRC, and other mailing groups, meeting several other furries like him, as he established himself as The Sailor Fox. He longed to go to conventions and see others like him and meet with others, but Ken's furry contacts remained limited until he chanced upon on a local fur group in Virginia.

Over the next couple of years, Ken made fast friends with most of the group Furginia, most of whom he keeps in contact with — including Hiromi Kitsune, who brought Ken fully into the mainstream fandom. Ken became further involved with the fandom after meeting and courting a fellow furry who was also beginning to explore the depths of the fandom. Together they went to Anthrocon 2005 and attended several functions of the Lake Area Furry Friends. Ken later got into the fursuit scene, donning several in a short time, including his own fox fursuit, a raccoon fursuit and a lion. He moved back to Chicago to room with Rayven Wolffe and her mate at The Fox Box before moving in with friend, furry fan and gamer Ultima, also known as Mognooka or Mister Moggy. This living arrangement lasted several months before Ken moved again, this time into his own apartment where he lived for a year, before moving again, this time into his own home.

Ken surrounded by his animal totems Coyote, Loon, Tiger, Dog and Fox. Art by AnimeCat.


Ken is an avid spiritualist outside of his own Christian beliefs, and believes in unifying spirits and totems entwined in a great pattern, somewhat consistent to Druidic/pagan teachings. He believes himself to commune regularly with several totems, which include the Fox, Coyote, Dog, Tiger and Loon. Ken is also a transformation fan, often fantasizing about being changed into something else. Ken also holds viewpoints and opinions consistent with a right-wing conservative member of the Republican Party, but keeps his political affiliation as separated from the furry fandom as possible.

Redtail sightings

Ken can be found in many corners of the Internet. On Neopets, he owns a pet of the same name and is an avid Neo-avatar collector. Ken contributes to the local fandom on the official LAFF website as a bureaucrat.
Redtail the Oddfellow, Ken's dragon form, by Arazia
Elsewhere, he can be found playing as a Tauren warrior named Oddfellow on World of Warcraft or on Maple Story on the Scania server as the swordsman KenRedtail. Ken is also a retired Seal Clubber on Kingdom of Loathing, where he enjoys veteran and ninja status.

Ken is a co-founder and co-moderator of Chakat Heaven, the official fan club for chakats and other taurs. Started in 2001, it is one of the largest Yahoo! furry groups, with over a thousand members as of September 2007. He is an editor and administrator on WikiFur, having began editing articles in April 2006. Initially focusing on articles about local furries and events, he later branched out, being named an administrator in mid-February 2007. Ken, alongside with Samii Tiger, is the founder and co-moderator of RenFurs and himself enjoys going to Renaissance Faires and even dresses up in costume there. He also cosplays as the Fourth Doctor from Doctor Who and is working on a Fifth Doctor costume as well.

Off the web, Ken is an avid convention-goer and has attended Anthrocon 2005 and Midwest FurFest 2006, 2007 and 2008. He has also worked as volunteer con security at Rocket City Fur Meet 2007.

Ken in his fursuit by Caitlyn Lillo

Foxdragons (species)

Foxdragons (Draco vulpes) are a fictional species of dragon, patterned after a hybrid of foxes and dragons. Depictions vary from source to source in the fandom. While it is not the rule, foxdragons are frequently conceptualized as being warm-blooded, which may vary between being mammalian to based on the hypothetical biology of many dinosaur species. To further accentuate their vulpine connection, many foxdragons are depicted with full coats of fur. They also frequently sport details such as external ears, usually resembling a fox's, and may or may not have scaly skin. Foxdragon terminology combines both vulpine and draconic terms. Male foxdragons are known as dogs, todds, bulls, vixes (plural of vix), or reynard, females are referred to as vixens, and their young are called hatchlings or whelps, as well as pups. A group of foxdragons is a pride.

Isle of Wyrms Foxdragons

Found only on Second Life, the most notable of Isle of Wyrms foxdragons is the Guardian Redtail Oddfellow. He is the typical form for a foxdragon, a standard dragon form with black paws and bronze scaling with an eggshell belly. Ears resemble typical vulpine ears and are often a black colour. Two others are Fuechsin Kohime, a wyrmling who also shows the more typical red fox pattern and colors, and Llewelyn Mistral, an adult dragon who is usually blue and silver in a more standard dragon-like distribution. In total, there are 8 known foxdragons on the Isle of Wyrms on Second Life.

Dragontears Foxdragons

In the now-closed roleplaying game/comic project called Dragontears, foxdragons (created by Rebecca Ehrick) don't hold much of a resemblance to traditional dragons at all. Instead they have fur, long, lithe legs, and a catlike face, but their wings are covered with dark, thin, leathery fur, as are their lower legs and the underside of the tail. Foxdragons are the least dragonlike of the dragon family, but they insist that they are indeed dragons and anyone who says otherwise will get an earful. The smallest are the Grasslands clan, who also look the most catlike. The Forest clan look a bit more dragonlike, albeit still furry, and are more muted in color and larger. The largest--about as big as a large dog--are the Mountain clan, who look like almost as catlike as the Grasslands clan, only in gray.

Other subspecies

There are numerous other instances found in many MUCKs and also the work of Sylus Foxdragon.

Other tidbits

Ken is a virtual databank on comic books and can spend hours lecturing on both Marvel and DC continuities. He is also a major history buff and often spends time teaching others about various points in history. His favorite periods include the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. Ken is also a big fan of Doctor Who, to the point that he often portrays his fursona in a similar fashion to the Fourth Doctor.

Ken is an aspiring writer, responsible for the Phoenix Squadron short story series, as well as several other tales, which he posts on LiveJournal.

Chakat Redtail

Chakat Redtail, drawn by Jim Groat

Chakat Redtail, child of Starryeyes and Whitepaws, is an alias used by Kendricks Redtail in the chakat community and used primarily for online roleplay purposes and moderating the Yahoo! community Chakat Heaven, co-created and moderated by the creator of chakats, Chakat Goldfur. Chakat Redtail is a calico cat felitaur with a trademark rust iron red flanks and tail, lending to hir name.


Chakat Redtail started life in a quiet backwater corner of Canada as a small chakat, with hir brothers, an adopted tigertaur named Corran Whitestripe, a young anthro fox named Red Phoenix and a young foxdragon named Ken "Red" Oddfellow. Shi quickly showed signs of above average intelligence at an early age and was quite bright in grade school and by the time shi graduated high school, she graduated with honors. Although getting into the bad group at hir university caused hir to drop down to a local community college, Redtail continued hir fascination with annoying hir brothers while exploring other furry communities and expanding hir artwork. Attempts at relationships seemed promising, but after two disastrous failures in hir university years, Redtail finally met a young chakat named Chakat Diamond. The two became lifemates and Redtail bore a cub sired by Diamond, named Chakat Mistletoe. Mistletoe, Missy for short, resembles a white Persian cat with long raven black hair and is named for hir Christmastime birth. Diamond eventually passed away, leaving Redtail alone with hir cub until shi came across another chakat named Chakat Angelwings. The two fell rapidly in love and soon became lifemates as well.

Redtail (right) with hir lifemate Angelwings (left) and hir cub Mistletoe (middle)


  • Lifemates: Chakat Diamond, child of Winddancer and Quickpaw (deceased), Chakat Angelwings, child of ??? and ???
  • Companions: Chakat Gildedtongue, child of Gladelong and Creekstripe; Chakat Jewel, child of ??? and ???
  • Children: Chakat Treasure (sired by Chakat Sandwalker, missing for several years); Chakat Mistletoe (sired by Chakat Diamond); Chakat Shadowstripes (child of Diamond; adopted by Red)
  • Siblings: Corran Whitestripe (tigertaur), Lt. Commander Red Phoenix (fox), Ken "Red" Oddfellow (foxdragon)
  • Parents: Chakat Starryeyes, child of Flamefur and Spartan; Chakat Whitepaws, child of Cherryblossom and Bigguy

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