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Ken Fletcher, also known as heywulf, is a Minneapolis furry artist and writer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Along with fellow artist and writer Reed Waller, they founded and edited Vootie, which has been considered a major contribution in the origins of the furry fandom. He created the story world of Spontoon Island, contributed to Ink Spots and Furtherance.

He was a Guest of Honor at ConFurence 4 (1993) and Califur 1 (2005). He has been a guest of honor at science fiction cons as well.

Long before furry fandom, Ken was a science fiction fan artist, who along with Reed Waller illustrated most issues of the local clubzine, Rune. His work appeared in many other fanzines, and for a while self-published in a zine called Brixoii.

In 2018, Ken Fletcher was awarded the Rotsler Award for his contributions in the Science Fiction community [1]


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