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Ken Ashcorp is a furry musician "and likes to make silly songs about Video Games, Cartoons and generally absurd stuff that can't hack it in a mainstream environment!"[1]. He produces and self publishes a couple of songs a year mainly space out over the yar.

He has a panda fursona named Kenny he uses in the most of his cover art for his productions setting the tone for that single / song.


Ken Ashcorp has a YouTube-account and sells his songs on Bandcamp and iTunes. As a genre his style involve pop, electro-fusion and rap.

With his music he reaches between 100k to 6 million views on YouTube[2] featuring still cover art in the videos and scored ~1 million scrobbles over ~34.500 listeners on as of November 2019 [3].

In 25th May 2016 he performed at his first live show togheter with Mystery Skulls. Follow by another performance at the Anime Expo on 1 July 2016.


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