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Kemonochan Kemononoi logo.jpg
Author(s) Founder: EmeeKemono and ponoiro
Status Offline (except for chat)
Launch date January 14, 2010
End date May 3, 2014
Genre Image board
Web NC-17
Shutdown notice on the site's main page

KemonoChan, also known as Kemonononi, was a Kusaba X-based image board for Japanese Kemono style furry artwork.


The founders EmeeKemono and ponoiro became friends on the furry image board The Goddamned Furry Board in early 2009, where they both contributed and discussed their appreciation of Kemono furry work.

The idea for a primarily Kemono image board was put forward by EmeeKemono to ponoiro, who bought the URL "", starting working on the site immediately afterwards.

According to traumafox, ponoiro lost interest in hosting the site after Emee disappeared, and closed the original version of the site while traumafox was testing a copy of it out with new software in response to a spam attack. traumafox continued for a while, but finally closed the site down on May 3, 2014, due to technical limitations with the software and pressure from the Japanese doujinshi creation community to remove their work.[1] A spreadsheet has since been created with archive and purchasing links.[2]


No artwork from the following pay sites were allowed on the site:


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  2. Kemonono Archives. Accessed May 12, 2014.

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