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Author(s) Founder: EmeeKemono and ponoiro
  • Lead administrators: EmeeKemono and ponoiro
Launch date January 14, 2010
End Date Ongoing
Genre Imageboard
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KemonoChan is a Kusaba X-based imageboard for Japanese Kemono style furry artwork, created 01/14/10.

[edit] History

The founders EmeeKemono and ponoiro became friends on the furry imageboard, The Goddamned Furry Board in early 2009, where they both contributed and discussed their appreciation of Japanese/Kemono furry work.

The idea for a primarily Kemono imageboard from EmeeKemono was put forward to ponoiro, they purchased the url "kemonono", and started work on the site immediately there after.

The site is now hosted at a new domain name:

[edit] DNP

No artwork from the following pay sites are allowed on the site.

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