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Kemoket (edit)
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Kemoket 1
Kansai Kemoket 1
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Kansai Kemoket 2
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Kansai Kemoket 3
Shinshun Kemoket 1
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Kansai Kemoket 4
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Kansai Kemoket 5
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Kansai Kemoket 7
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Kemoket staff
Kemoket guests of honor

The event was held on May 3, 2012, on three floor (two floor were for doujinshi and one floor for fursuit) at the Wata-shou kaikan(綿商会館, Cotton-Trade Assembly Hall) in Japan. Many people had to wait outside to enter the building in the heavy rain for hours, due to the small capacity.

There were 134 dealers during the con.

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