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Kemoket logo 2015-01.png
Status Ongoing
First iteration May 3, 2012
Organizer(s) Executive Committee of Kemoket
Subject Book Fair Event

Kemoket (けもケット Kemoketto?) is a kemono themed Japanese dōjinshi fair, and virtually the largest Kemono event in Japan, held twice a year in Kanto Region and Kansai Region, Japan. The first Kemoket was held on May 3, 2012. The main organizer is Gallone (がろーね).

Past events[edit]


The event was held on three floor (two floor were for doujinshi and one floor for fursuit) at Wata-shou kaikan(綿商会館, Cotton-Trade Assembly Hall). Many people had to wait outside to enter the building in the heavy rain for hours, due to the small capacity.

Kansai Kemoket[edit]

The first kemono doujinshi bookfair in Kansai region held at Kyousera Dome Sky Hall (京セラスカイドーム), Osaka.

Kemoket 2[edit]

The location was moved to Tokyo Metropolitan Industry-Trade Center Hamamatsu-chou building (東京都産業貿易センター浜松町館).

Shin-syun Kemoket[edit]

Shin-syun (New Year) Kemoket 1 was held at Tokyo Wholesaler Center (東京卸商センター) 3F. Shin-syun Kemoket 2, 3 and 4 were held at Kawaguchi Frendia (川口フレンディア) - the 4th floor of Cupo-La main building, 1-1-1 Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama.

Kemoket 4[edit]

The location was moved to Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Hall (大さん橋ホール), Yokohama.

Kemoket 6[edit]

The location was moved to Tokyo Trade Center (東京流通センター).

Kansai Kemoket 6[edit]

The location was moved to Kōbe Convention Center (神戸国際展示場).

Kemoket 7[edit]

Cancellations were offered to members due to the impact of the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi earthquake and Typhoon Jebi the day before.

Kansai Kemoket 7[edit]

Moved to the Kyocera Dome Osaka SKY Hall. There were 58 registered costume characters, plus 14 staff characters.[1]

Transition of the number of circles of Kemoket[edit]

All datas is based on the official announcement. The number of "Circles" means that of dealers and not of attendees (which has never been gathered).

Name yyyy/mm//dd Num. of Cir. Location
Kemoket 1 2012/5/3 134 Watshou Kaikan (Cotton Trade Center) 1/4/5/6F
Kansai Kemoket 1 2012/9/16 114 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall D
Kemoket 2 2013/5/4 210 Tokyo Metropol. Indust. Trade Center (Hamamatsuchou) 4F
Kansai Kemoket 2 2013/10/13 219 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall E/F
Kemoket 3 2014/4/29 259 Tokyo Metropol. Indust. Trade Center (Hamamatsuchou) 3/4F
Kansai Kemoket 3 2014/10/13 278 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall B/C
Shinshun Kemoket 1 2015/1/18 124 Tokyo Wholesaler Center 3F
Kemoket 4 2015/5/4 372 Yokohama Oosanbashi Hall
Kansai Kemoket 4 2015/10/11 300 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall B/C
Shinshun Kemoket 2 2016/1/17 172 Kawaguchi Frendia
Kemoket 5 2016/5/3 438 Yokohama Oosanbashi Hall
Kansai Kemoket 5 2016/10/9 402 Kyousera Dome Sky Hall B/C/D
Shinshun Kemoket 3 2017/1/28 194 Kawaguchi Frendia
Kemoket 6 2017/5/6 604 Tokyo Trade Center (TRC) A/B/C/D
Kansai Kemoket 6 2017/10/8 470 Kōbe Convention Center
Kansai Kemoket 7 2018/9/23 500[2] Kyocera Dome Osaka SKY Hall[3]
Shinshun Kemoket 4 2019/1/27 170[4] Kawaguchi Frendia
Kemoket 8 2019/4/29  ? Tokyo Trade Center (TRC) A/B/C/D

Racist dispute at Kemoket 5[edit]

On 19 Apr 2016, an anti-China/Korean extreme-right racist Yuuken SS (ユウケンSS, Thunder Yuuki) circulated a false rumor on twitter that Chinese and Korean steal in Kumamoto where the large earthquake occurred on 14 Apr, and appealed to establish vigilantes with hunting guns. He was going to participate Kemoket as the representative of his doujinshi circle on Pokemon "携帯獣愛護会".[5]

On 22 Apr, he once apologized for his remark, however he was under the delusion that left-wing anti-racists (called "Counter" or "Shibaki-Tai"in Japanese) assault him at Kemoket and he appealed it on twitter and consulted the police.[5]

On 25 Apr, he even appealed to other major extreme-right racist like Toshiko Hasumi (a notorious racist/cartoonist who denigrated Syrian refugees) to support him and Kemoket from an attack of Counter. As a result there was the rumor that anti-racists assault not only Yuuken SS but also other participants.[6]

On 27 Apr, Kemoket banned Yuuken SS by mutual consent between Kemoket and him.[7] On 3 May, Kemoket 5 was held without disruption.

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