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Keiro, also known as KeiroD, Keiro Dreamwalker, Litomo "Keiro" Ituralde, LitomoSilver, and Seoladan (real name Ramon Reyes; born 1987 in Bakersfield, California, USA),[1] is a furry fan who lives in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.


In real life, Keiro has a job as a technical support operator for KnownHost LLC since 2017, as well as chief information officer (CIO) for the Freedom of Form Foundation since 2019.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Keiro became involved in the furry fandom in 2009 thanks to people who were involved in it. His first convention was Rainfurrest 2015, a year prior to it closing down for good. Keiro attended Rainfurrest, Midwest FurFest 2017, and volunteered for Anthro New England 2019.

Keiro is the owner of FurryAvalon since October 2015, having taken over the site from Tricksta.[2] He is part of Midwest FurFest's staff in Accessibility Services.


Keiro's fursona is a phoenix/wolf hybrid, with big fluffy ears and dark brown fur all over his body except for parts of his belly and crotch, much like dogs and wolves. His chest, neck, and part of his shoulders are covered with the mythical phoenix's feathers, colored orange and red, whereas his tail is more of an orange-red gold tinge, starting with fur and ending in feathers that look like flames come to life.

This extends down a bit to his back where his phoenix's wings sprout, in red and gold colors, large enough to support him flying if he so chooses.

Convention attendance[edit]


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