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Keio (pronounced similar to 'Key-Oh'; born May 29, 1992)[1] is a furry photographer who lives in Sydney, NSW, Australia and is from southeast Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[1] His fursona is a wolf.

He is a qualified paramedic and has been working on-road in the medical field since 2018. His photography setup is primarily Canon gear at this point.

Keio uploads most of his photos, from fur conventions, events and more, to his flickr account, with a select few being uploaded to deviantART and Fur Affinity (where he was an administrator until mid-2014). A large number of these are licensed under one of the Creative Commons licenses (Usually the attribution, share-alike, non-commercial). He is usually open to providing more extensive use of photos upon request by either the subjects of the photos or the events the photos were taken at. He was the head of the photography team at the MiDFur convention until the conventions disbandment.[2]

Up until 2019, Keio primarily provided his photos "as-is" from camera, with minimal to no editing. From 2020 he has started to learn and experiment with editing his photos in post.


Keio has attended several furry conventions and events, including:[3]


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