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Keiko (real name Terry Hardie;[1] born 1976)[2] is a furry fan who lives in the San Francisco bay area, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Keiko hosts or used to host sites and mirrors: Past sites and mirrors included the VCL mirrors (, Yiffstar ( and individual furry fans (e.g. Jace);[citation needed] as of June 2014, he still hosts sites for artists Shinigamigirl and Rangarig.

Keiko also runs, which has photos of the animal he loves, Orcas. A subsection on was the Voretex, a gallery of images, videos, and stories focused on vore.


Keiko has characters on FurryMUCK (Keiko) and Tapestries (_Keiko), but does not show up there too often.


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