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Keeny Fox, also known as FreyFox (born November 10, 1987) is a British illustrator, animator and musician from Dundee in Scotland. He is best known for his self-titled fursona, Keen, a name he also uses as an alias. His character's trademark is a blue chequered shirt.


Most recently Keen is known for the webcomic Transmission, which features his twin red squirrel characters, Russell and Reggie Harvey, a pair of English car enthusiasts who live and work in Los Angeles. It went online on February 4th 2011 and is typically updated once to twice a week.

Since 2009 Keen has also been a creative advisor for "The Space Gypsy Adventures", working as the lead artist for the series.


Keen is also well known for his animated cartoons, starting with his first Flash-animated short "The Greedy Fox", which was made in July 2008. His animated mock film-trailer "The Toxic Vigilante" was part of the University Of Abertay's 2010 digital showcase exhibition. More recently he created a trio of animated shorts of his characters "Willow And Timothy" in 2012.


Keen is a multi-instrumentalist who works under the abbreviated pseudonym of 'KFox' as a solo artist and has recorded three studios albums, Industrial Fix (2010), Submerged But Not Sunk (2012) and Species Seldom Seen (2014). As well as having performed in several rock bands, he has also been part of a semi-furry ad-libbing collective called The Raccoon Gang. He has since formed the contemporary new-wave band Tezite-Va! (Which means 'Wake Up') and released their first EP album, The Alternation, in 2012. It was followed by Ever Changing Skylines and Unleash Your Army in 2013.

Real Life[edit]

Keen studied 3D animation in college, and more recently studied computer arts in university. In 2006 he organised a wall mural at a local youth centre in Monifieth, to which he contributed to some of the art himself, which appeared in a local newspaper.

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