Kazuto Nightwolf

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Kazuto drawn by Antrage.
Feofan as drawn by himself.

Kazuto Nightwolf, also known as Wolfgang151 on FurAffinity and other social media (born April 12) is a Fox-Wolf hybrid (Folf)/Maned Wolf,furry artist and fursuiter. He was born in the Republic of Korea, but now lives in the United States. His fursuit was constructed by MissFleeceFurs.


Both of Kazuto's fursonas are modeled after himself.

  • Kazuto Nightwolf: A orange, black and grey Fox-wolf hybrid (folf), who wears glasses and has yellow eyes.
  • Feofan Korzhakov: A Maned Wolf who's occupation is a Soviet nuclear reactor operator at the Myak Plutonium Plant, 1957.

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