Kaze: Ghost Warrior (series)

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Kaze: Ghost Warrior is an animated series made by Timothy Albee that was the launching project of his Timothy Albee Animation studio. The series centers around the anthropomorphic warrior tiger character, Kaze (character). The publishing of the series pilot on DVD in 2004, even as unpolished as it was with its creator as the only voice actor and no tails on the anthropomorphic characters, found strong popularity within the furry fandom and even made good impressions outside of the fandom as a "proof of concept" model to show that anyone, with only a few thousand dollars' worth of software and equipment, can share their dreams and stories in the form of professional-quality, computer-animated movies.

Well-known furs, including Nexxus of FurNation and 2, The Ranting Gryphon, were astonished at Kaze: Ghost Warrior both from the perspective of it being an astonishing original creation, and hopefully as inspiration for more furries to bring to CGI life their own stories and dreams to share with others. [citation needed]

The animated short, some 23 minutes long, was only the pilot in a planned series of episodes and longer, larger-budget Kaze (prequel feature).

An sequel to the series pilot is known to have been in development and originally slated for release in 2007 under the working title of "Kaze: Ghost Warrior 2". The second episode will feature an encouter glimpsed in the trailer between Kaze and "Lord" Soshi, in which Kaze states "I was better than you before I died; what makes you think you can defeat me now?"

Tim also has plans to expand, enhance and touch up the original pilot by adding a scene in which Kaze's father talks about his disapperance and reappearance, giving tails to characters using new features in an upgrade to the software used to make the original pilot, and giving a voice to at least one of the female characters.

A full-length feature prequel movie, taking place before the pilot, is also planned.

Kaze is a planned feature-length prequel movie to the Kaze: Ghost Warrior series centered around Kaze, an anthropomorphic tiger captain of the elite House Guard in a land that known peace for countless generations under the wise rule of a much beloved royal family.

The prequel feature will take place prior to and lead to and through the murders of the royal family as well as Kaze's eventual death. His reappearance in the pilot for the animated series is his rising from the dead (and thus the series' title, Ghost Warrior, absent from the prequel feature's title as the prequel starts with him alive).

Although the Ghost Warrior pilot was proudly done with a very limited budget by one person as a proof of concept, Timothy Albee, creator of Kaze: Ghost Warrior and the prequel, intends to have a much fuller budget -- albeit still miniscule compared with most Hollywood movie budgets -- for the Kaze prequel. As such, the project will need financial backing to proceed.

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