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Kazak Tharn, also known as Drakona, is a male furry from the Ayrshire town of Irvine in Scotland. He has been a furry since around 2008. His roots in the fandom originate from the video game Spyro and the movie The Lion King.


Kazak Tharn's character is an immortal shapeshifter who tends to take the form of an anthro red dragon. His scales are all red, with his torso and inner wings having a lighter shade. He has a set of curling horns on his head, and a blue tattoo on his left arm. Kazak Tharn is actually made of energy, his body just a shell to give him form, the tatoo on his arm is actually just a section of his shell he has removed in rememberance of his own, destroyed home, from top to bottom representing his planet, his family, his friends and his potential future. He plans to add a 5th symbol at a latter date to mark the end of all things. due to the event which trnsformed him into pure energy and gave him immortality, Kazak can travel between any reality, however, this process is random without using special devices. While Kazak cannot truely die, if his shell is destroyed, the energy as released and moves to a diffirent reality to recover, without the devices neccesary for directed inter-reality travel, he cannot return to the place he died. Due to his immortallity, there have been many itterations of his personallity due to changes in experience, rangeing from malevolant destroyer to divine saviour.While technically capeable of time travel, he purposfully removed this ability several millenia into his imortallity to prevent things from getting boring

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