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Commissioned art of his fursona by Eclipse Wolf

Kayze is an artist, UI Designer, and a fursuiter. He currently[when?] resides on the west coast of the United States. His fursona is loosely based on the gray wolf. He's also the founder and owner of Furmunity.


Kayze had always had a more subliminal interest in anthropomorphic animals, since the first time he could draw. The initial spark of his furry art interests came about later in his life, around 2006, after discovering Anubis art on Deviant Art. However, his introduction to the furry fandom came from indirectly finding members of the fandom during his time on a World of Warcraft community site. He's been part of the fandom since late 2008.


His artwork is normally clean, with other pieces being suggestive (fetish-like) but not adult. He has expressed that he will most likely never take commissions due to his own view of his ability and lack of time/reliability in this field. He does, however, make gift art and fan art at random.


Fursuit head made by Soki Twopaw
Kayze had commissioned Soki Twopaw to create a Full Suit based on his fursona; which has been completed as of November 14th, 2011. The suit is set to make a first-con appearance at Further Confusion 2012.

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