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Kayote (born December 9, 1989) is an artist and occasional fursuiter. She lives in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

She is also known as Celia on many sites.


Kayote went through several fursonas before settling on a hybrid of coyote, griffin and kangaroo. Her fur colouration is unremarkable, but she has aqua-blue skin that shows on her ears, tongue, and nose. Her style varies, sometimes appearing extremely cartoony, while at other times realistic, and she has no set anatomy.

Her character has a love for chocolate, friends, and her mate.


Kayote has always had a fascination with anthropomorphic animals, and she has been drawing them since the age of five. Her art has been featured on the Furry Fiesta website, as well as their conbook. She also has had her art published on Sledzz, a husky simulator site.

In 2009, Kayote began attending furry conventions and furmeets, and joining furry-based sites.

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