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Kat Amour, by herself

Kat Amour, also known as lobotomyxpop, lobotomypop and xrenegade23, is a fox furry created in mid-2007 by Kayleigh Stone (born 1992).


Kat is about 17 years of age. She is a fox with many feline traits, such as some stripes on her tail and lower back. She is red and white with black paws. The hair on her head is shoulder length and constantly changing in color, though it is currently black. Her style in clothing is that of the Gothic Lolita making her completely Victorian-Era obsessed, especially with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Her favorite item is her hand-held silver and black mirror, which she keeps in her purse.

She has been known to look more casual with outfits she has created herself, but they mainly consist of a pin-up style.

Kat is close to Tyroo and Eos Astraios.

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