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Kyle Fox's fursona.

Kyle "Kay" Fox is a greyish fennec fox who lives in the Seattle area of Washington, U.S.A. He holds an Amateur Radio Licence issued by the FCC, KA7FOX and an Industry Canada Amateur Radio Certification with the call of VA7FEN and plans to upgrade to Amateur Extra.

Professionally, he works for a testing company, creating and running hardware and software tests.

Kayfox programs PHP scripts, embedded micro controller firmware, test scripts and some random DOS/Windows programs for little stuff.

He is a staff member of Califur and RainFurrest. In general he can be found helping out with technical things in Engineering, with the stage crew or working on Operations. To help out with these conventions, he has applied for and gotten a professional land mobile radio license from the FCC.

His electronic projects include packet radio and APRS related stuff, as well as some embedded controller work.

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