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This page is about the Furcadia roleplayer. For the Anthrocon staff member and voice talent, see Peter Katt.

Katt started her roleplaying journey before the new millennium. It is estimated that she has been using the internet regularly for 10 years.

Born in Downey, California in 1989, she was moved to Oklahoma when she was only 3 months old. Noble, Oklahoma is her home town, and she believes it will always be her favorite place in America.

She is known as Katelyn to her peers, Katie to her friends, and Katt to her closest friends. She tends to be very picky on which one you call her.

Katelyn began roleplaying in a program called Virtual Places. This was owned by Excite and Ubique, which ran the chat service. Katelyn quit shortly after Excite took the entire service over.

After leaving Virtual Places, she turned to Active Worlds. Katelyn stayed on Active Worlds for well over a year, purchasing a $20 membership that lasted one year. Once they began charging per month and the rates soared, she left.

A friend from Active Worlds introduced her to Furcadia. Katelyn discovered anthro and furry roleplaying. She learned and built up writing skills. After going on and off of Furcadia, she now stays on it.

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