Kato Yamamoto

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Kato Yamamoto

Kato Yamamoto, full Kato Kalin Yamamoto (real name Brandon Rodriguez), a furry fan who lives in Petit Valley, Saint George County, Trinidad and Tobago.[1]


Kato Yamamoto's fursona, created on September 24, 2010, is a Siberian tiger with orange fur on his back and white fur on his belly. He has purple eyes and purple stripes.

He wears a blue collar with a bell, and a pink heart pendant. He has five earrings in his left ear, in a rainbow pattern. His tail also has a bell collar. He is usually shirtless but will wear a white T if needed.


Kato was born very different to everyone else. His purple details are due to being born toxic, and he can give off these toxins in different ways. When defensive, he gives off a gas that either poisons his attacker or just knock them out. These gases also kick in when he is trying to seduce his partner.


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