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Kate Worley (March 16, 1958 - June 6, 2004) was an American comic book writer best known for her work on Omaha the Cat Dancer.

Omaha the Cat Dancer is the story of an anthropomorphic female cat who worked as a stripper. Though the series gained many fans for its sexually explicit depiction of "furries", it was also highly praised for its art, characterization, and storytelling with a confident feminist sensibility. Omaha was created by Reed Waller, Worley’s husband, and after the first issue (which he wrote alone) together she wrote and he drew the series.

They were guests of honor at ConFurence 2, held in 1991.

Omaha later went on hiatus when Worley and Waller were both injured in a car accident; this hiatus was greatly extended when they had an acrimonious divorce, after which they refused to work together.

Worley also wrote for the now-defunct Tekno Comix.

Worley married Jim Vance, another comic book writer known for his work on Kings in Disguise, and they had two children. In 2002, Worley was diagnosed with cancer; she and Waller reconciled enough to produce several more issues of Omaha before she succumbed in 2004.