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Kat_Aclysm, or just Kat (born May 28),[1] is a female fursuiter who lives in the western suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Because her username comes from the early days of IRC, she prefers her online identity to be written in the format of Kat_Aclysm (with the underscore included), as a nod to the original format. This name with the underscore has appeared on every conbadge for every convention she has ever attended. The actual birthdate and earliest appearance of the username 'Kat_Aclysm' is December 13th 2000, when her Fanfiction.net account was made.


Kat's fursona is a small orange and white cat with black crescent-moon bands on her back, upper limbs, and handpaws. She also has a particularly large banded tail. Kat is almost always depicted in feral form and, for anatomical and drawing purposes, is a domestic house-cat. However, her fursona also contains traits taken from many other wild felid species, including the Snow Leopard (large tail), Eurasian Lynx (large fluffy areas on her jowls), Bengal Tiger (stripes, orange colouration, and black ear-tips plus wildcat eyedots on the tips of her ears).


Kat's current fursuit of her fursona (Kat Aclysm), was built by jill0r (head), Vixen (tail), Dustan Da Fox (bodysuit), and Kat (feet/hand paws).[2]

Kat's initial fursuit, Quixote (pronounced Kee-oh-tee), was a mammalian furry blue dragon species of her own design. Quixote was built by Kilcodo (head and feet) and Kat herself (tail and paws).[3][2] This suit was retired.


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