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Author(s) Lucy Lyall
Update schedule Mondays
Launch date August 8, 2004.[1]
End Date Continuing
Genre Mystery

Kaspall is a webcomic by Lucy Lyall. It features a cast of anthropomorphic animals.

The synopsis of Kaspall reads:[2]

The city of Kaspall has always been a magnet for the bizarre, but lately things have taken a nasty turn in the West Quay district. Someone is getting away with murder, but when there’s no connection between the victims and the only witness has apparently lost her marbles, finding the killer is no easy task. Is it a local? One of the hundreds of Off-Worlders flooding the city? Or is it something even more strange?

Meanwhile, landlady Hazel Karswell has taken in a new tenant – a newly arrived Off-Worlder – who may cause rather more trouble than she expects; both for herself and everyone else who shares her home.



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