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Kaskae at RMFC 2011.
Kaskae (born January 14, 1993) is an American fursuiter from Great Falls, Montana, U.S.A.. Kaskae currently resides in Orlando, Florida. His main fursona is a white Siberian Husky with blue and black accents.


Kaskae (born Jordan Lee Smith) became aware of the fandom in late 2010. He created a fursona based on that of his favorite dog breed. The character Kaskae became the center of many stories written by Kaskae and friends. Kaskae was soon to be brought to life in fursuit form by FennecFur on Fur Affinity.[1].

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kaskae began fursuiting in August of 2011. His suit was constructed by Ixchel, better known as FennecFur of Rainbow Wolfie Creations. His suit is a partial, including a head, arms, legs and a tail. Kaskae's performance includes much physical contact with those around him, as well as hyperactivity and random acts of insanity.

Kaskae debuted at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011. It was there that he participated in the "Fur Your Entertainment" improv show, the RMFC Fursuit Games, the fursuit parade, and was seen creating chaos around the con.
Kaskae sitting outside of RMFC 2011.

Kaskae currently owns one suit.


Cited as Kaskae's top influence as a fursuiter is Buddy, a FFFF nominated suiter. It was when Kaskae first saw videos of the suiter on YouTube that he decided that he wanted a suit for himself. Other fursuiters that have influenced Kaskae include Digby, Syber, Balto Woof, JD Puppy, Flux, and many others.



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