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Kashi Commodore

Kashi Commodore (born 1982) is the System Administrator and Associate Producer of Furcadia[1], as well as a former furry-fandom DJ and technical adviser to many furry based projects.

Furcadia Development[edit]

Kashi is one of the current members of 'Team Dragon', the main development team of Dragon's Eye Productions (the developers of Furcadia). He joined the team in early 2012 to assist with a client software update, taking the role of Systems Administrator for the company. Already well known in the community for his previous positions in the Beekin volunteer program, Kashi was well received by the player base and quickly became well known for his tongue-in-cheek humor and various publicity stunts.

When the game launched a Kickstarter appeal in late 2012, Kashi was one of the team members at the forefront of the appeal, appearing in the various videos and live stream broadcasts held during that time[2]. At the conclusion of the appeal, on Furcadia's sixteenth birthday, he was promoted to Associate Producer and hired by Catnip Studios (the company behind the redevelopment).

Radio projects[edit]

He had joined AllFurRadio in September 2009, initially as a forum administrator to assist with the reworking of their website. His role soon increased at the station and he quickly became a popular personality within the group. He soon rose to a technical manager position within the station, but left at the end of April 2010 after an inter-managerial dispute. He was the focus of some negative attention over the circumstances of his departure.

Since then, he went on to help establish a newly formed station, FurFusion Radio, where he again fulfilled a technical and development role. His main work there involved the production and maintenance of the website and server facilities, as well as supervision of the general operations and security of the station. This role placed him back in the company of many former members of AllFurRadio. The Station launch was not a great success however, and the project was subsequently dropped due to lack of support.

His persona on the air is of a criminal 'hacker' who constantly seeks to disrupt and upset the other DJ's, and interrupt usual programming to broadcast a 'pirate' rockshow. He is usually the focus of negative attention from the other DJ's on-air. This had resulted in some memorable moments, such as an occasion where he 'sold' the other DJ's at a slave auction on-air to raise money for himself. (In truth, a fund raising effort on behalf of the station as a whole.)

Shows and broadcasts[edit]

The format of his shows is usually Rock and Alternative Music, including Metal, Punk and other 'heavy' music, although he has been known to be quite eclectic in tastes at times. When hosting special events or one-off broadcasts, this varies much more, including popular music, RnB and dance/trance. He is commonly held as, and referred to as a Rock DJ however.

As of November 2010, he has not resumed his shows, although he has publicly stated that he will do so in the future.


Kashi Commodore participates in several online communities, both within the fandom and beyond it. Most notably he is an avid Furcadia player, having been in the community since 1997. A former Dream owner and creator - now turned staff associate, he is well known amongst much of the games inhabitants. He is also known to have several alternate characters. He is also part of the Second Life community as of late, using his main 'Kashi Commodore' character as well as the alternate character 'Reach Ravenheart'.

Unusually, his adopted appearance is humanoid in nature, despite his furry connections and projects. He had previously stated this was by accident and it is infeasible to alter things as they stand. He has therefore been defined as Otherkin by other members of the fandom.

Personal life[edit]

Kashi Commodore is British, born in Scotland and living in the West Midlands. Kashi tends to keep a lot of his personal life rather private, however it is known that he is romantically involved with another member of the fandom, Tigger Fellini. Outside of the community, he is known to be an avid Quake and Halo player, and a fan of Retro-Gaming. He is a qualified computer programmer and web designer, and is also known by his nickname 'Shaki' (from which his persona name was derived).


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