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Carl is sometimes confused for Crim Ferret, due to the similarity of their real names.

Karl F. Meyers (born March 18)[1] is a writer, storyteller, and convention staffer. Something of a greymuzzle, he found his way into the furry fandom in 1992, coming in mainly via animation and comics fandom. He has been in science-fiction fandom since his early teens. He lives in Doctors Inlet, Florida, a suburb of Jacksonville.[2]

Karl's persona is Carl Fox, a red fox/grey fox mix who sports a Vest of Many Buttons. Karl actually wears a vest covered in buttons at conventions; in the Napping Cat's Dream, the buttons were magical, and gave Carl Fox specific abilities.

Previously, Karl used B.J. Bunny and Deacon Blues as alternate personas; B.J. has since faded into history, while Deacon occasionally popped up in his stories.


Karl was a long-time member of the Dallas Brawl Update, where B.J. appeared regularly. He has also held membership in Rowrbrazzle, the Furthest North Crew, and North American Fur in the past.

His stories have also appeared in PawPrints Fanzine, Fur Visions, and the first issue of Fantastic Furry Stories.

Storytelling and roleplaying[edit]

Karl's first taste of forum roleplaying came in Club Velvet Tail, a long-running story thread running on the Beastie Board, when it was on the now-defunct GEnie online service.

He later joined in with the Storyteller's Circle on Brazilian Dreams MUCK, finding a place to hone his storytelling skills. He later became the host of the Circle, moving it to Forgotten Paths MUCK when Brazilian Dreams closed. He kept the Storyteller's Circle alive through live storytelling panels at conventions and by featuring Deacon Blues and the Circle in many of his stories in North American Fur, as well.

Karl brought his furry alter-ego to the Napping Cat's Dream in October 2002; his efforts earned him a Psychedelic Avatar card (#326) in March 2003.


Karl is a veteran conventioneer, having attended and assisted with numerous cons (furry and otherwise) over his lifetime. His first furry con was Confurence East in 1995.

He has been a panelist at numerous conventions since Confurence East 1995; many of these panels were live Storyteller's Circles.

He has also been staff at various cons:

Other information[edit]

Karl is a maintainer of the Florida Furs LJ community.


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