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KanutWolfen, formerly known as CrEEdEncE004 (born January 4, 1994), is a Chilean furry artist who lives in Arica y Parinacota, Chile.

Fandom involvement[edit]

KanutWolfen started his art career by joining DeviantArt in 2010 and posting his first pieces of artwork there two years later. His earliest furry artwork dates back to the late 1990s as a drawing he made in his childhood. Also, in 2011, he made an animated music video to "Señor Juez" by Leo Rey.[1]

In 2015, KanutWolfen focused more on anthro drawings, most of which are posted on Fur Affinity. In 2017, he stopped using DeviantArt and became more active on Fur Affinity. So far, he has 4000+ watchers as of 2023.


KanutWolfen's fursona, Kanut Rossengard, is an arctic wolf. He has two versions of the character, a 28-year-old version closer to his real-life self and a 40-year-old version used for fictional stories, where he has a family. The character was originally conceptualized as a feral, and an anthro version appeared in 2014.

Other characters[edit]

  • Leona Rossengard - His fursona's younger twin sister, an arctic wolf
  • Ámbar Grimaldi - His fursona's second wife, a gazelle
  • Katherine Grimaldi - Ámbar's sister, a gazelle
  • Loona Roussel - An Andean wolf
  • Noleani Rossengard - His fursona's daughter, an arctic wolf
  • Martha Mae - A sheep
  • Becky Leiva - A crocodile
  • Noemia Fernández - A white lion
  • Crystal Moonstone - A wingless dragon
  • Grace Rossengard - A wolf-German shepherd hybrid
  • Kilian Becker - A snow leopard

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnjAFoLZmY4
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