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KansasFurs (KSFurs or Kansas Furs) is an activities-based furry group centered in the Wichita area, but covers the entire state of Kansas. The group first appeared on Yahoo Groups but has since moved to other social medias.

Other Groups in Kansas[edit]


It is unknown at this time who started the original KansasFurs but in 2009 Sheba Wolf started the Furaffinity page. Shortly after she began having meetups. The meetups were every Friday until the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then they have been more sporadic. They are going to be trying to get back to a regular schedule but only doing one a month.


Official Events[edit]

These events are under the direct operation/control

Unofficial Events[edit]

These are typically reoccurring events but are not official events under the operation/control of the Kansas Furs staff.

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