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Kanic (born December 31st 1988) is a furry who resides in the small town of Mowry, Pennsylvania, USA. His artistic contributions consist mainly of poetry as well as photography.


Kanic's fursona is an anthro German Shepherd. He prefers to have his character match his height, body and weight. He stands at nearly six foot. He bears the traditional german shepherd fur colors, although he distinguishes by having a strip of gray fur running across his muzzle and below his eyes, as well as on the tip of his tail. His eyes are also a standard green. He rarely finds anything cute, maintaining masculinity in nearly all of his actions. Although charming and sweet will not bother him.

Player and Bio[edit]

He also has a younger fraternal twin brother as well as 3 older siblings: a sister and two brothers. He discovered the furry fandom in 2004, although he did not consider himself a fur until April of 2008. He found the fandom appealing due to his great respect for animals as well as the generally friendly community. He keeps his fursona's personality one in the same with his own. Although he is generally quite friendly, he has only expressed an angry reaction to a few subjects. Mainly against feminine homosexuals, although he hasn't expressed any hate for gays. Despite him straying away from the more flamboyant homosexual community, he is normally open to a hug or scritch at any time. Finding them a more enjoyable greeting than just a handshake or hello. Religious wise, he considers himself Roman Catholic, although he has admitted to not staying entirely "pure" or the most devout with his religious practices.

Generally, his main interests include the ancient Roman, Greek, and Medieval time periods. Primarily the culture, warfare, and aristocracy of their own time periods. He enjoys anthro art in general, finding it a rather interesting concept and idea. He has often shown great interest and concern in his friends' well being, both inside and outside the fandom.

Military Service[edit]

Kanic is a veteran and currently serving in the US Army with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. He has completed one tour in Iraq and holds the rank of Specialist (E4)


Kanic has attended two conventions: Anthrocon 2008 and FurFright 2009. He has often said that, to him, his first convention was "A right of passage for me, an integration of sorts. To really see if this was the thing for me". He was also seen at Lupine's New Year's Furry Ball of 2009 (December 31st 2008 to January 1st 2009).

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