Kamu:l A'wee Con

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Kamu:l A'wee Con

Location Online
Status Ongoing
First iteration November 1-30, 2021
Organizer(s) PineTreeLionCat
Charity Various
Subject Furry

Kamu:l A'wee Con, also known as Star Coyote Con, is an online convention themed around anthropomorphics, intended to celebrate, fund, and uplift voices in the Native American furry artist, animator, and musician communities.[1]

Programming consists of panels and art streams on Discord. Attendance is free. Participants register as an attendee, Native creator, or charity livestreamer. The latter category may sign up for commission livestream slots during the con, the proceeds from which are donated to a selection of charities supporting Native Americans.

The convention's namesake mascot is Kamu:l the California coyote who resides in Yokaia.[2]


The first Kamu:l A'wee Con was held over the entire month of November, 2021.[3]. More than 32 Indigenous artists contributed[4] and raised $2,323.50 for charity.[5]

2022 image, drawn by Introvert Kitten.

Kamu:l A'wee Con 2 was once again held for the duration of November, 2022.[6] A total of $869.29 was raised for charity over the course of the month-long event.[7]

2023 image, drawn by MapleWozapi.

Kamu:l A'wee Con 3 was held November 1-19, 2023.[8] There were 80 registered participants in the Discord, and $115 was raised for charity. [9] At closing ceremonies, it was announced that Kamu:l A'wee Convention would host more charity events throughout 2024 under the convention's name.

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