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Kalo Foxfire

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  • Kalo (Full name Kalo Foxfire) on VoreGotten Realms MUCK: a kitsune several thousand years old, although he looks and acts much more like a young adult. He has a somewhat stereotypically long and twisty past that he would rather put behind him, and has given up magic altogether whenever possible. He is currently married to Leena Foxfire, previously Leena Vixen, and lives a quiet as possible life with her, his former and her current pet possum zeus (sic), and the interdimensional spirit of vengence that possessed her in the story arc leading up to the marriage.
  • KaloFoxfire on Furnet IRC (various channels): Could be considered a non-canon version of the Kalo Foxfire on VoreGotten Realms MUCK. While changes to Kalo Foxfire can carry over to KaloFoxfire (such as his marriage to Leena), it often does not occur in reverse (various IRC channel zaniness such as changing forms).
  • KayleeFoxfire, KaylaFoxfire, KaleFoxfire: Alternate nicknames used by KaloFoxfire to signify changes in gender. KayleeFoxfire is his herm form, KaylaFoxfire his female form, and KaleFoxfire his gender-neutral form. While all 4+ forms are essentially the same person, their temperaments are occasionally different. I.E., while Kalo is loath to go without a full set of clothing at times, Kaylee will happily go shirtless.
  • KaloFoxtaurfire: A nickname used by KaloFoxfire to signify foxtaur form. This form has also been combined with his gender-shifting forms on occasion (i.e. KayleeFoxtaurfire).
  • Scriber (Full name Scribner C. Robyn) on Voregotten Realms Muck: an anthro avian of undetermined species.

Kaylee Foxfire is the herm form of Kalo Foxfire.

Change between the two forms seems at will, although occasionally he/shi will change for no apparent reason. This usually happens when his/hir player is bored, or thinks the other form would be more appropriate for the situation.

Oddly enough, he/shi doesn't always notice the change right away if this happens. Often, he/shi only notices when he/shi says something (Kaylee's voice is a bit higher in pitch than Kalo's), looks down at himself/hirself, or has it pointed out to him/hir by someone else.

Aside from the obvious physical differences, Kaylee is remarkably similar to hir alter-ego. Hir facial features, for example, are nearly identical to Kalo's. Of course, as those who see hir are predispositioned to seeing a more feminine face, the fact that they are identical is hard to detect without comparing a picture of the other form's face to the current one.

Also, while both forms claim to be identical in personality (traits), Kaylee seems a bit shyer than Kalo.

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