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Kalili Youngblood (May 21, 1987[1] - January 22, 2017)[1], real name Kyle William Youngblood,[1] was a fursuiter who lived in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, USA.[1]

His fursona was a bunk (bunny-skunk hybrid) or a crux.[2]


Around 1:30am on Sunday January 22, 2017, a vehicle being driven by Zidonuke, carrying Kalili and Galonodel as passengers, crashed into a tree whilst being driven at high speed. A police deputy pulled Zidonuke out of the wreckage, but the car caught fire and was engulfed by flames before Kalili and Galonodel could be removed.[3]

Kalili's funeral service was conducted at 11am on Tuesday February 14, 2017, at Helsley-Johnson Funeral Home and Cremation Center in Berkeley Springs, and he was buried in Bethel Cemetery.[1]


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