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Kaitio, also known as Kait or Nukitty, is a male furry. Originally from Cambridge, England, he used to reside in Scotland, but, as of December 8, 2012, is once more back in Cambridge. He is terrible at most creative activities.


Kaitio's main fursona is a royal white Bengal tiger. He stands at 5'8" and has golden mechanical parts which take up most of the right side of his torso, including his arm and about a third of the left side of his face. He is one of the most poorly-designed nuclear-powered beings around, due to the fact that it's core-based technology, and setting a pressurised energy sphere inside a pressurised container to hold it will almost certainly crack the core. This, however, allows Kaitio to become charged by the same energy, and if the metal in a weapon is conductive, it'll naturally have a little more punch to it.

Kaitio has a large range of weaponry available to replace his right hand, the default choice usually being a large mining drill. His favourite weapon (and most iconic) is a large pipe wrench, now equipped with a fission battery.

As of August 5, 2013, his squad of rambuncious felines, and one extra, consists of:

  • Knight of Fission - Kaitio Voligar-Gears
  • Saint of Light - Lutrax Voligar
  • Heir of Might - Kai2io Gears
  • Saint of Force - L-Trax Voligar
  • Host of Form - Maxis Sergo
  •  ???? of Pride - Valerie Kraleos


Kaitio been known to team up with Caryas to make pieces of music based around his character. The most iconic piece is known as "Hero Mode" (or "Kaitio ==> Ascend").[1]


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