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Kai, and her late dog, Dakota

Kai (Kaleigh Civis) is a therian and furry from western Michigan. She is a staff member on the Therian Discovery Forum, and freelance professional artist.


Kaleigh Civis was born on May 18th, 1990 in Grand Rapids, MI, and has lived in the West Michigan area her whole life. Since the time she was old enough to hold a writing untensil, she has been drawing. She stared off with crude drawing of Pokemon and Dragons, then moved on into non-fictional animals like wolves and felines. High school was a time of discovery for Kaleigh. It was in these years that she was introduced to roleplaying and the furry fandom as a whole. It was around this time that Kaleigh started to discover her therianthropy, and began using roleplaying and the furry fandom to really express the animal she felt within, without too much criticism from society on the whole. In just four short years, discovery and immersion into the world of roleplaying and furry would change Kaleigh's art, as well as her life, forever.

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