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KahluaRhua (real name Schelbi Holley) is an artist and commissioner on Furry Amino, who lives in Georgia, USA.[1]

Kahlua's main fursona is an Angeni, a semiopen species created by Kahlua herself.[1] Her coloration is a tawny mixture of browns with white accents.

Angeni species[edit]

The Angeni are a species that look like a combination of deer, wolf, dragon, and horse. They are fast but very shy, and live in forests and valleys. They usually travel alone, though some may travel in small groups.

Life stages[edit]

  • Newborn: The Angeni begin as a small creature with legs as long as their mothers. Their horns are non-existent at this stage. They stay close to their mother until they are eight months old. Their diet consists of grass, tree bark, rocks, and meat the mother spits up.
  • Adolescent: The Angeni are considered adolescent when they reach six months of age. At this time, their horns have started to grow and are very sharp. They forage away from their mother and begin surviving on their own. They eat a diet of grass, tree bark, leaves, and flowers.
  • Adult: The Angeni become adults once they turn a year old. Their horns become fully grown and their straight teeth are replaced with a mix of sharp teeth and straight teeth. They begin to scavenge for dead carcass for meals, and also eat grass, leaves, berries, and flowers when meat is not available. This is the stage where they search for groups to herd in or to breed.
  • Elders: The Angeni are elders once they turn one hundred years old. Their teeth are ground down and horns become brittle and easily breakable in battle. This is the most vulnerable stage for the Angeni. They eat grass, berries, and soft meat off carcasses. Elders tend to live longer when in groups than alone.


Angeni are a tribal species and usually have a pendant that is made to show life struggles and life successes. It is given to them at the beginning of their life, and can be a rock, shell, or marble.

The Angeni carries this pendant for its whole life until death. When The Angeni die, their pendants are thrown in the ocean after burial. The Angeni's spirit reincarnates into one of the four animals they are a combination of. The color of their pendant will be the accent color of their reincarnation.


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