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KV1NN4 (Kev-in-NAH), also know as KV, Kev or Kerbau Vinna (previously known as known as V.Kyrie), is a female artist.

She has been active on the internet since the late 1990s and has notably been part of Team Artail (as SpiceThyme), The Jab Archives and its related webcomic, Cats n' Cameras.

Currently a chibi, cartoony PG-rated carabao (water buffalo) serves as her mascot and occasionally as an avatar. The creature choice was inspired by Amber Williams observing how, through headphones, the sound of a mechanical-erasure sounded like an angry little cow, which was also reminiscent of Kev's own voice when in a dour mood. Thus was created The Belligerent Little Buffalo (sometimes known as a Ponderous Eurasian Stunted Fusser).

Former identity: V.Kyrie[edit]

V.Kyrie, sometimes known as Val.

She is the co-creator of the webcomic Cats n' Cameras and was a featured artist at the Jab Archives.

She disliked being called Valkyrie because that name is in use by several other artists, and she has never gone by that name herself. In 2003 she wanted to change her nickname but was discouraged from it, by then feeling it would be too late to change names.[citation needed]

In 2010, shortly after announcing her retirement as artist for Cats n' Cameras, V.Kyrie adopted a new online moniker in an attempt to revamp her identity. Despite the identity face-lift, she continues to produce art when not facing technical or wrist related issues.

Character confusion[edit]

Valley Kyrie, or Vall is a female feline character created by KV1NN4. She was created in 2000 and stands 6' tall, has hippie tendencies, and has rarely been drawn since.

Due to a long story involving Yahoo Groups around 2000 and growing familiarity with her Jab Archives page, Vall's creator soon became known as V.Kyrie, and preferred to maintain the distinction between the character Valley Kyrie and herself, V.Kyrie, mainly by drawing the character as little as possible, which ultimately led to frustration and the afore mentioned renaming.

Valley Kyrie and V.Kyrie have very little in common aside from gender and an interest in Sly Cooper and Ratchet the Lombax. V.Kyrie wouldn't mind being tall, slim and stacked however, but isn't too bothered about being short and fat.[citation needed]

Vall continues to not be drawn very often, but this has more to do with the artist being too busy with other artistic commitments rather than avoiding 'fursona' misconceptions.

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