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KRAZ logo
Status Ongoing
First iteration ~2013
Organizer(s) KRAZ z.s.
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: KRAZ resources

KRAZ is an annual furry convention in Boskovice, Czech Republic. The name comes from a shortening of Kreslící sraz which means "drawing meeting" in Czech. As the name suggests, KRAZ is focused on furry art such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography; traditional furry convention activities such as games, contests, dancing, and fursuit events are also held.[1]

The organizer is KRAZ z.s., which also runs the Czech furry events Furrstein, Fursuit Halloween Prague, Halloween Outing, and MiniCon.


Since 2019, KRAZ is held annually at the Western City Boskovice, a park modeled after a replica of an 1800s American frontier town.

Located on the Main Street are the Orgahouse (where con ops is located), Old West Store (which doubles as the fursuit lounge), Amphitheater, Lazy Cat Tea House, Saloon 1870, and Candy Shop, as well as a jail and craft shops.[2]

Attendees of KRAZ may choose to book a room at the three-star Apartment Hotel on premises, or one of two Canadian log cabins. There is also a tent town where guests may stay if they bring their own tent.[3]


Poster for KRAZ 2019
Banner for KRAZ 2022


An event was held in 2013, though further info is not available.


KRAZ 2014 was held April 19-21, 2014 at a hostel in Hlavatce, Czech Republic. A shuttle was organized to take attendees between the con site and the Sobeslav train station. Programming was attendee driven and involved games and live model drawing.[4]


KRAZ 2015 was held April 3-6, 2015 at the same location. Events included beer and lemonade tasting, a private tour of the Bechyňského monastery, watercolor painting and modeling workshops, and figure drawing.[5]


KRAZ 2016 took place March 25-28, 2016 at the same location. The schedule consisted of a variety of drawing and art workshops and a Dance Dance Revolution competition.[6]


KRAZ 2017 was held April 13-17, 2017 at the same location. The DDR competition returned, as well as a slumber party, barbecue, and life drawing of horses and fursuiters.[7]


KRAZ 2018 was held March 29-April 2, 2018 at the same location. There were 85 attendees.[8]


KRAZ 2019 took place April 19-22, 2019. It was held at a new venue, the Western City Boskovice. Among the new events this year were tomahawk throwing, rifle shooting, and a horseback show.[9]


KRAZ 2020 was originally scheduled for April 10-13, 2020, but delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Refunds were offered for those who were unable to attend. The con was held on September 10-13, 2020 at the same location. Due to COVID precautions, the venue was not open to members of the public as in previous years, and the painting lectures were cancelled. This was the first year to include the candy shop as well as traditional games of the Wild West time period such as blackjack and poker. A mechanical bull riding competition was held. [10]


KRAZ 2021 was postponed from the original dates of April 1-5, 2021, once again due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event took place on September 29-October 3, 2021 at the same location. The tea room was not available this year. Live performances were given by Heraldos Stunt Brothers and Scott Ibex with the Nový Úsvit band. Programming included fursuit games and a photoshoot.[11]


KRAZ 2022 was held May 4-8, 2022. The theme was "Viva la México!"


The next event is scheduled for April 27-May 1, 2023. The theme is "Furrworld," an amusement park divided into several parts - Wild West, Middle Ages, and M.A.S.H. For the first time, KRAZ chose a Guest of Honor, the Czech comic book writer Peter Kopl.[12]


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