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KL Sanchez is an artist and author, who occasionally goes by the pen or nickname "The Playwright". His fursona is a brown fox, distinct from a fennec in that he is essentially a normal red or silver fox without additional markings. He is a self-taught artist and writer, and has an extensive library of art and written works, including poems, short stories, and novels, only a handful of which have been published on FurAffinity and the Final Fantasy fansite Caves of Narshe[1] (under the pen name "Zephir").

Sanchez was on the staff of Furry Fiesta 2013, acting as Video Room Director after volunteering for the same department at Furry Fiesta 2012.[2] In 2014 the Video Room was shut down and he was reassigned to take over the newly-created Operations department, which he has been the director of since Furry Fiesta 2014.


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