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KEMONERS02 (ケモナーズ02) was a Japanese kemono/furry doujin circle which was active from 2000 to 2004.


The founder was Mahyo Sendo who was one of the co-founders of KEMONERS which was closed in August 2000. His aims are below;

  • to convey many people the allure of furry-dragonic characters and encourage them to aspire consciousness as "Kemoner".
  • to find obscure outstanding kemono artists and encourage them.


Sendo published seven comic/manga joint-dojinshis: "'''ZooCan''' vol.2~4", "Shirudora (汁竜, Liquid Dragon) vol.2 and Plus", and "ANIMA" vol. 1~2.[2]

In January 2004, KEMONERS02 was closed, and there was no direct successors. Instead since 2003 and 2004 various prominent kemono doujin circles emerged including Vorwarts by Kitora (きとら), Xiaolonpo (小龍包) by Rioru (李小竜), Beast Canyon and Torachaya (虎茶屋) by Kagetora (カゲトラ), and Dragon Heart by gamma. There the direct relationship can't be proved, however it can be guessed that other prominent artists became independent or make their own circles and Sendo and his circle lost its influences.


  • ZooCan vol.2
  • ZooCan vol.3
  • ZooCan vol.4
  • ANIMA. Beasts & Dragons
  • ANIMA2 Beasts & Dragons
  • Shirudora vol.2
  • Shirudora Plus

The Main and Remarkable Artists[edit]



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