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KEMONERS (ケモナーズ) was a Japanese kemono/furry doujin circle which was active from 1998 to 2000.

The co-founders were Nyajira, Harimogu Dragon, and Mahyo Sendo. Since the circle's foundation in August 1998, they published five comic/manga joint-dojinshis: the two-volumed "ZooToo", "ZooCan vol.1", "Kumabon" (Bear Book), and "Sirudora" (Liquid Dragon). [1]

In 2000, KEMONERS was closed, and it was split into Nyajira's "Wind Concerto" (website only), Harimogu Dragon's Fuwamoko-Hompo(ふわもこ本舗) and Mahyo Sendo's "KEMONERS02".[2] Among them, KEMONERS02 was a direct successor and continued to publish "ZooCan" and "Sirudora".



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