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K/DEN, also known as KDENtrax, formerly as Luxston, Scourge Luxston and Houndwire (real name Kayden Parks, born August 26, 1997), is a nonbinary transmasculine electronic musician who lives in Sacramento, California, USA.[1]


They have two primary fursonas, a lynx named Kayden, and a demon lion named Marian.


K/DEN started producing music in 2011 as Scourge Luxston, taking major inspiration from LapFox Trax musician Renard Queenston at the time. Later that year, they shortened the name down to just Luxston, then dropped the name entirely in favor of Houndwire in 2013.

Due to academic stress and a general loss in their creative drive, Houndwire entered a prolonged hiatus in late 2013. They began to experiment with other pseudonyms and mascots while the "Houndwire" name was given to a furry music group they founded following the LapFox Trax controversy[clarify] earlier that year, but finished very little in terms of music.

In January of 2019, they returned under the name K/DEN, releasing their first track since 2016, "The Dragon".


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