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K.M. Hirosaki is a furry author whose work tends to focus on contemporary drama and male/male erotica. He and Kyell Gold are also co-hosts of the podcast Unsheathed. His fursona is a river otter.

Several of Hirosaki's works have been published. "My Place in Your Life" and "Maerchentic Innocence" feature in FANG Volume 1. FANG Volume 2 includes his story "The Fox and the Unspeakable Horror," and his story "Sanguine and Clockwork" appears in FANG Volume 3.

In 2005, Hirosaki collaborated with furry artist Fel to produce an illustrated version of his short story "Sake of Argument"; this publication has since gone out of print.

His story "Candy and Music" is included in the fifth issue of Heat, released at Anthrocon 2008. It is illustrated by oCeLoT and BlackTeagan. He also has a story in the anthology "X", also illustrated by oCeLoT.

In May 2010, Hirosaki announced that he is officially working on his first novel, tentatively titled Summerhill.

Multi-chapter Projects[edit]

  • My Place in Your Life
  • Maerchentic is a homoerotic series of short stories centering around a supernatural linsang called Auri, whose nature is slowly revealed over the course of the series. Mind control, emotional scarring and the dynamics of power are explored in various ways.

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