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Cover of Tyke and the Elephant Angel
Cover of Delta the Dancing Elephant: A Memoir

K.A. Monroe, full Kimberley A. Monroe, is an independent author, playwright and director, who lives in the United States.[1]


Tyke and the Elephant Angel[edit]

Tyke and the Elephant Angel is a children's story inspired by true events and told through colorful illustrations and rhyme. The story focuses on Tyke the elephant's journey to Heaven. It does not highlight her violent death. It is categorized as youth fiction for preschool to kindergarten aged and beginner readers.

K.A.Monroe describes it as a spiritual journey it takes children on with her as there could be no other way to describe a 'happy ending' to her story.

The author pledges a percentage of net royalties be donated to The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) sanctuaries in memory of Tyke to care for rescued elephants. The book's dedication is in memory of Pat Derby and Tyke. Inspiration was drawn from [W:Dr._Seuss|Dr. Seuss]] and [[W:Shel_Silverstein|Shel Silverstein], most noted children's book authors. The cover art has a bit of graphic novel feel to it.

Celebrity and animal advocate Bob Barker described the book "The heart-wrenching story of Tyke, which sadly is the story of all elephants exploited in circuses, reaches a charming conclusion in Tyke and the Elephant Angel."

Delta the Dancing Elephant[edit]

Delta the Dancing Elephant: A Memoir is a novel told in the first person narrative coercing the reader to anthropomorphize, to empathize, [with] An Asian elephant whose family was killed in the 1930’s"[2]

The novel was published on August 9, 2013.[3]


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